Entry #3

Holy Fuck!

2010-05-06 20:23:41 by Purple-Slurpie

I'm Back. Even though no one probably knew I was gone. Anyhoo. This is what I've been doing with my time lately. I've been going to Ball State University in good ol' Muncie Indiana. Studying film, telecommunications, and Digital Story Telling. Playing a lot of music. Trying to pick up chicks. Getting into mischief. Helping people when they need it. Studying late 90's early 2000's hip hop along with 80's pop music. Eating Bosco Sticks. Making sketch comedy. Doing stupid things. Slapping people's asses. and playing in an obscure electronic indie band.


I would like to point out that this is the last day of my freshman year in college and I didn't really learn shit in school. I learned a lot more outside of school. Life Lessons mostly. On losing friends, on what's important in life, what the best food is at taco bell, time management aka making time to break shit and light shit on fire.

These are my friends that I've made since I came to ball state. :D

Ps. My balls itch.

Holy Fuck!


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2010-05-06 23:29:10

Wow. It's like you read my mind here. Lol. I go to college in Indiana too. (IUPUI) I just randomly read this news post, but I totally get what you mean about learning stuff outside of school. Same here; life lessons and such. College life teaches you a lot.

I'm kinda jealous that you had a Taco Bell near you, though. When it was late at night and I was hungry, all that was open around here was shitty McDonalds.

~ Jay

Purple-Slurpie responds:

Not only does BSU have a taco bell, we can use our meal plan at the taco bell.

Unfortunately it's the worlds shittiest TB. They don't have the same chips and they seems to always mess things up.


2010-05-07 00:33:56

D: I so recognize your name :D!! So I guess I noticed you were gone although you haven't a clue why I am!

Purple-Slurpie responds:

Holy Balls! I remember you too HHS! Bangarang.